TUNCA LAW INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING TRADE LLC is based in Turkey legal and business consulting company. It was founded by the lawyers S. Elif Öztürk and Sidar Tunca in order to serve the increasing needs of the developing client’s portfolio of TUNCA LAW OFFICE for consulting on matters related to trade policy, and business and economic relations issues involving Turkish businesses engaged in foreign investment projects.


The company combines the prominent local experience with the international experience of a dynamic team composed of highly specialized lawyers, legal advisers and consultants from various countries, whose legal expertise includes international investment law, corporate and business law, public and private international law, EU law, international arbitration

and litigation.

All external counsels are led and coordinated by TUNCA LAW INTERNATIONAL and we work as one firm. We build our matter teams based on the nature of the client’s business sectors and the goals of the matter.

Our lawyers and advisers are fluent in Turkish, English, Russian, French and Georgian.


Our advisers and consultants have extensive experience advising governments, public companies and multinational corporations on bilateral cooperation agreements, cross-border projects in the sphere of energy, regional development and environment matters with international dimension, helping them successfully navigate public affairs issues and investment opportunities.


Where we need the specific expertise of certain jurisdiction we collaborate with our partner offices.


Our international network consists of correspondent law firms and consulting companies acting in various jurisdictions such as

Moscow, Russia

Baku, Azerbaijan

Tbilisi, Georgia

Paris, France

Madrid, Spain

Zurich, Switzerland

London, UK

Washington and New York, USA

Amman, Jordan